What Stock Photography Says About Your Company

What Stock Photography Says About Your Company

  • On October 15, 2015
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According to Ad Week, 81% of consumers research online before purchasing. If you are in the tech space you know that number is much closer to 100, and you appreciate the importance of building a website and marketing strategy that reflects your brand and its values. Unfortunately, if you are using stock photos on your site and through social media, you are throwing away a great opportunity to make a positive first impression. In fact, you could inadvertently be saying any or all of the following:

Our Business May Not Be Trustworthy

Have you ever gone to a company’s website or Instagram profile hoping to catch a glimpse of the people behind a product or technology, only to find random catalogue models, dressed in formal business attire, faking smiles and leaping into the sun-filled air for team high-fives? Studies have shown that human photos on websites and via social media lend to better first impressions, and help build instant trust. But when your photos are obviously of the stock variety, you can have the opposite effect on your visitors.

Some great examples of tech companies that do this right are Buffer and Blackberry.


Our Brand Doesn’t Have A Clear Image of Itself

It may be a tired cliché, but it’s true that a picture speaks a thousand words. So it should be no surprise that a cheesy stock photo placed on an important page or social media account can be a brand killer. Yes, if you have an active blog you might find the odd stock photo that will suit its purpose. But placing stock photos on your home page, about page, mission and values, contact page, etc. is unforgivable.

Our Business Operates From A Garage

I can’t blame startups that work out of a small space or a collection of local coffee shops, everyone has to start from somewhere. But if you don’t rent office space in your parents’ basement then why wouldn’t you want custom photos of your team and workspace on your website and throughout your company’s social accounts?

It blows my mind when I visit a successful tech company working out of a prominent downtown address (in Toronto, New York or any other major city) and it hasn’t even occurred to them that they should showcase it online. Even if you are convinced your potential customers won’t care, you have to know that with stiff competition for talent you should at least let your potential hires in on the secret.

We Don’t Want Anyone To Recognize Us In Real life

Are you and your team living double lives? On the run for unpaid parking tickets? If you and your people rely on face to face contact (and who doesn’t?) to sell products or services, allowing others to match your name to a face is important to starting to build a connection, before you meet. And why stop there? Use custom media to tell your technology company’s story.



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