Rethinking Your Digital Marketing Mix? Ask Yourself These 5 Questions

Rethinking Your Digital Marketing Mix? Ask Yourself These 5 Questions

  • On February 27, 2016
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Many businesses struggle to find the right digital marketing mix. After all, there are so many channels, and it can be tempting to want to have a presence on all of them. But, that would likely be a mistake. For those looking to settle on a digital marketing mix, start by answering the five questions below.

1. What Is Your Competition Doing?

Especially for a company that is just start out, competitive intelligence can provide a great starting place. Replicate what seems to be working for them, and toss out that which isn’t working or what doesn’t fit your brand. Using a tool like SEMrush, or Moz can help identify your competitors’ keyword strategies, adword lists and links to their paid advertisements – as well as performance indicators such as impressions and click through rates.

2. Who Is Your Targent Audience?

It is important that you have done your homework and develop personas that represent members of your target audience. This research will yield important clues as to where and when you are likely to find them. A make-up company targeting young adults may discover their audience is searching how-to videos on youtube, and posting selfies on Instagram. Perhaps, payday loan companies will find advertising within gmail to those who have previously signed up with their competitors most effective. That doesn’t mean you need to do likewise.

3. What Are Your Goals?

Is your goal brand awareness, lead generation/nurturing, or conversion? Because while search engine optimization and social media marketing may be less expensive, pay per click campaigns will offer substantially higher conversion rates for those looking to close a sale, in addition to immediate exposure. One also needs to consider how channels will work together. Will leads from Facebook be sent to your website? Have you set up dedicated landing pages to help convert leads to sales? Is the user experience consistent?

4. How Much Time Do You Have?

It’s true that many companies have built tremendous audience organically with little or no budget, but it takes a great deal of time. And even then, you may find that your audience is not converting well. If you’re looking to fill your sales funnel immediately, you’ll need to open up your wallet.

5. Who Do You Have To Do The Work?

Navigating display advertising, pay per click, and even social media advertising is becoming increasingly complicated. There are now experts that have built careers focusing on single channels. If you have someone relatively inexperienced scheduling posts on your Facebook page, it might not be a good idea to trust them with a paid advertising budget. Consider reaching out to an agency.



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